We are a team of enthusiasts, which includes scientists, entrepreneurs, and web-developers who believe that the equal and fair access to scientific information is the key to future scientific breakthroughs.



Our mission is to create a strong link between scientists all over the world and to provide them with a platform for the exchange of scientific knowledge from all sorts of fields. GlobexSCI aims to simplify the exchange of academic literature, research results, and scholarly manuscripts. We also strive to provide a mechanism of monetary compensation for independent authors who want to publish their works to be freely accessed by the scientific community based on the rating by the number of downloads.


After buying an access to the platform, a user can read all journals published on the platform and get a payment for their own articles depending on the number of clicks. The platform will ensure by means of cryptography that the content is protected and authors get the reward for people downloading their papers.


Exchanging data through an aggregator will allow to diversify the content of journals and save money on subscriptions.



The platform helps overcome a restricted access to published articles imposed by publishers. Caused by an absurd pricing system for specialized scientific publications, which uses package subscriptions, and as a result, the end user pays a lot of money for unnecessary information. By subscribing to our platform using one of our flexible programs the user will get access to a repository of scientific materials with a capacity of 250 terabytes at the moment.

As a legal body, the platform purchases subscriptions to a number of leading publishers and distributes it among the members of the platform. Publishers will get deductions from each access to an article accessed through the GlobexSCI platform.

Organizations that pay for subscription sign an agreement on non-disclosure of information to third parties that are not affiliated with their organization. This means that they do not have the right to provide articles at the request of third parties.

Affiliations with universities will allow us to access their subscriptions (that is, upon request on the platform, user goes to the university proxy and downloads free content from there). Any university can access the content other affiliated universities are subscribed to (in this case we act as an intermediary).


GlobexSCI uses different strategies in this segment. For instance, it can purchase subscriptions for a number of publishers and distribute them among its members of the platform, or make payments from each request of an article posted on the platform.